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        1. ElringKlinger AG

          Management Principles

          The way in which work relations are organized plays a key role in the daily fulfillment of tasks and forms an essential element in the corporate policies of ElringKlinger. Our management principles:

          • Clarity and openness in the mutual exchange of information as well as an active willingness to resolve conflicts form the basis for communication in the ElringKlinger Group.
          • Respect for the personality and opinions of others creates mutual trust. It should lead to a collaborative partnership between all employees at ElringKlinger.
          • Effective operation in groups and teams requires a readiness to cooperate, freedom for autonomous ways of working and independent thinking as well as the acceptance of tasks and responsibilities as part of the team.
          • Methods, processes and structures must be continuously reassessed and adapted to new conditions. Each member of the staff can and should contribute ideas. Only innovations result in progress – they ensure and shape the future.
          • Long-term corporate success presupposes qualified and task-oriented further training for staff, taking into account their skills and abilities as well as continuous personnel development.

          Available for download: