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        1. ElringKlinger AG

          Purchasing Program

          To provide innovative services, dependable partners with high-quality products are essential. Our current purchasing program is detailed below.

          Production materials

          • Aluminum
          • Chemicals
          • Carbon steel
          • Soft material
          • Stainless steel
          • Elastomer compounds
          • Electric and electronic components
          • Polymer granules
          • Plastic and elastomer parts
          • Copper
          • Outsourcing
          • Metal parts (to specification)
          • Foam
          • Packaging

          Non-production materials

          • Occupational safety and work clothing
          • Buildings
          • Office materials
          • Office and operating equipment
          • Service provision
          • Printed matter
          • Electrical materials
          • Forklift trucks
          • Vehicle fleets
          • IT hardware/software, telecommunications
          • Canteen supplies
          • Laboratory supplies
          • Plant and machinery
          • Spare machine parts and maintenance
          • Production tools and tool engineering
          • Tool supplies

          Perhaps you have a question about our purchasing program or would be interested in working with us? If so, simply complete the supplier questionnaire below and return it to: det.purchasing@elringklinger.com

          Requirements and forms