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        1. ElringKlinger AG
          • Free trade

            German automotive suppliers and mechanical engineering firms have long derived the majority of their revenue from foreign markets. However, crucial aspects for exporting companies like free trade and globalization are increasingly coming under pressure in many countries. Dr. Stefan Wolf, CEO of ElringKlinger, discusses how to respond to this trend with TRUMPF family entrepreneur Dr. Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller.

          • E-time

            China leads the way in e-mobility. Nowhere else will you find so many electric cars on the road. However, batteries are not the only new technology shaping the future within the world’s biggest vehicle market. The fuel cell is also emerging as a strong contender, and lightweight construction plays a crucial role in both technologies. Having established an early foothold in China, ElringKlinger is now striving to increase its market? share in the alternative drive sector.

          • New mobility

            If you want to be involved in shaping the future of mobility, you need to be at the epicenter of new ideas. So what’s happening in California’s creative technology hub? A virtual tour of Silicon Valley.


          "pulse" is the chance for you to explore ElringKlinger from a new perspective and discover the true diversity of our company. The reports on offer will provide you with an insight into the Group, the latest products/technologies and ElringKlinger's team of employees. The focus is on exciting stories centered around some of the latest trends and topics, underpinned by high-quality photographs as well as informative charts and graphics. Interested? Take a closer look and get to know the magnificent world of ElringKlinger.


          "pulse"?is available as printed version here.

          pulse Magazine 2019

          Free trade


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          New mobility

          Ups and downs

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          pulse magazine 2018

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          Cars and drive systems – which way are we heading?

          Light-weight plastic com-ponents for car body.

          Staying mobile in the face of climate change