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        1. ElringKlinger AG

          Management Board

          Our strategic goals

          • We develop innovative solutions tailored to our customers‘ success.
          • We operate sustainably for a decent future.
          • We increase the value of the enterprise.
          • We take responsibility for our employees.

          Dr. Stefan Wolf

          Chairman/CEO Responsible for Group companies; the corporate units Legal & Compliance, Human Resources, Strategic Communications, Marketing & Communications and Original Equipment Sales as well as the Aftermarket division. Read CV

          Theo Becker

          Chief Technology Officer Responsible for the business units Battery Technology & E-Mobility, Drivetrain as well as the corporate units New Business Areas, Purchasing, Real Estate & Facility Management and Tool Shop/Technology. Read CV

          Reiner Drews

          Chief Operating Officer Responsible for the business units Cylinder-head Gaskets, Specialty Gaskets, Lightweighting/Elastomer Technology and Shielding Technology; the corporate units Production and Quality & Environmental Management as well as ElringKlinger AG plants. Read CV

          Thomas Jessulat

          Chief Financial Officer Responsible for the corporate units Finance, Logistics, Operational IT and Strategic IT as well as the Industrial Parks division. Read CV